i use covergirl clump crusher mascara

Anonymous asked: If I came off anon would you wanna exchange skype or somthing? I wanna get to know you cuz you seem p cool but I'm shy to.

yes of course :o)

Anonymous asked: do you buy your own toiletries and groceries and all that jazz??

…. lmao why is this so funny i am in the best mood. I live alone so yes I buy everything with my own Monies

did y’all see that egg video I made. I just watched it again I can’t stop laughing. join me In my delirium

Anonymous asked: Ezra miller cute or not?

yeah. is this Ezra?

Anonymous asked: height?

5’0” I can hardly see over my steering wheel

smh @ topshop for making these shorts impractical as all hell

smh @ topshop for making these shorts impractical as all hell
Anonymous asked: did that anon ever go get ice cream with you?

no I got stood up as Hale. whatever tho *flips 2 centimeter long fringe out of my face* I’m still kickin


The sky was magical today?


Cliente: Nike - Ale Marder
Photography: Rodrigo Maltchique
Executive Producer: Filipe Lago
Actress: Luisa Moraes
Creative Direction: Pedro Lourenço 
Beauty: Daniel Hernandez
Set Design: Studios Goia Pana
Photo Assistent: Jorge Escudeiro
Retouch: Thiago Auge


Cliente: Nike - Ale MarderPhotography: Rodrigo MaltchiqueExecutive Producer: Filipe LagoActress: Luisa MoraesCreative Direction: Pedro Lourenço Beauty: Daniel HernandezSet Design: Studios Goia PanaPhoto Assistent: Jorge EscudeiroRetouch: Thiago Auge

is tinder fun. should I download for Shits n Gigs™

Anonymous asked: do Muslims have small dicks???

…. n…. no? what does religion have to do with wedding veg size

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